Wednesday, May 4, 2011


By Nick Nicholson

Michael Robeson was fated to be an outcast when he performed fellatio for the first time on October 10, 1987, at the age of 16. He silently vowed never to do it again but three days later he returned to Kings Cross and quickly found another customer. In a matter of weeks, Robeson had established a reputation around the Cross, his dark, dream-laden eyes earning him the moniker, “Moon Boy”. On July 1, 1989, Moon Boy moved into a small flat in Darlinghurst with “Bianca”, 19, a prostitute he’d befriended three weeks earlier. She and Moon Boy soon became lovers. On lazy afternoons, they would share stories about their clients: the good, the bad, and the lost souls. It was the lost souls (the “heartbreakers”, as Moon Boy and Bianca called them) that they liked the most; there was something about them that got under their skins. On the whole, the relationship proved to be reasonably stable, all things considered, but after three years, Bianca had grown bored with Moon Boy and on November 30, 1992, she left him. Moon Boy was devastated. Five days later, his body was found washed up in a tangle of seaweed on Cronulla Beach.

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This is the seventh part of Nick Nicholson's theme-adventurous, eight-part Travelogue. Subsequent segments will be published here in upcoming months.

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Throughout his life, Nick Nicholson has pursued a variety of creative vocations: music, photography, painting and, in recent years, writing. He lives in Australia.


  1. That first line is just killer!

  2. I agree with Mama Zen - the first line is riveting!

  3. Hi Mama Zen and jabblog, many thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad the first line worked for you, hope the rest of the piece worked for you too :-)