Wednesday, February 16, 2011


By Nick Nicholson

Takashi Masuko, 36, a mid-level executive for a multinational electronics company, fell in love with Kimi Ishiguro, 23, on the evening of February 14, 1994, when he ate sushi off her naked body at a nyotaimori restaurant in Kabukich┼Ź, although it would be more accurate to say that he became obsessed with Kimi because he returned to the restaurant frequently over a period of several months, specifically to see her. Strangely, a friendship developed. As Takashi delicately picked up pieces of sushi with his chopsticks from Kimi’s torso and thighs, Kimi would tell him about her extraordinary life: she had been famous, briefly, when she published a book of erotic poems at the age of 17; in 1991 she posed nude for a series of arty pornographic photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki which were subsequently collected by the Tate; and she had travelled to America. By contrast, Takashi’s life amounted to little more than that of a worker bee. He was married, of course, but had no children. Takashi Masuko was last seen on January 11, 1995. He simply, and inexplicably, disappeared. Kimi Ishiguro quickly forgot about Takashi and in 1997 she became the hostess of a popular TV game show.


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This is the third part of Nick Nicholson's theme-adventurous, eight-part Travelogue. Subsequent segments will be published here in upcoming months.

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Throughout his life, Nick Nicholson has pursued a variety of creative vocations: music, photography, painting and, in recent years, writing. He lives in Australia.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tragedies Weekly: Homophobic man burns down his own house! (October 13, 2007 issue)

By Steve Isaak

SAN MARIN, California – A house burned down Thursday when its owner, Patrick Boehner, plugged his vagelectrical car, a Lesbos, into his garage-stored spermbox charge, causing the car to explode.

Boehner was killed instantly, authorities said.

Dan Cleveland, spokesman for Vangine Motors, at a press conference the next afternoon, said, “You can’t change the charge orientation of our vehicles. You don’t run a Lesbos on spermcharge. Use a vagcharge box instead. For a Bisos, use a vermcharge box. Our electrical products are complex creations, like people.”

Reverend Sam Sandler, pastor of San Marin Baptist Church, commented, “I urged Pat to sell that car. His second wife, Evangeline, who bought it, left him for a woman. But he insisted on ‘fixing it.’”

Continued: HOMOPHOBIC / A10

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This story was originally published on the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website, under the nom de plume Nikki Isaak, in October 2007.