Friday, July 20, 2012

**My new poetry anthology, Shinjuku sex cheese holocaust, was published by

A print version of my lust, love and grindhouse themed poem anthology, Shinjuku sex cheese holocaust: poems, is now available for purchase at the Lulu site. (An e-book version will be available soon.)

Half of this 76-page, for-mature-audiences read is made up of reworked poems from the out-of-print anthology, Charge of the scarlet b-sides: stories and poems. The rest of the poems are new pieces, some of them previously published on other sites.

I'm looking for a few honest, constructive reviewers for Shinjuku. If you’re interested in receiving a free copy in exchange for the aforementioned reviews, email me at, with SHINJUKU REVIEW in the email title. Your email should contain your physical address.

Reviews should be posted on Shinjuku’s Lulu and Amazon pages (if you have an Amazon account) within four weeks of your receiving your review copy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

**One of my stories, Dirty tricks, was published on the Every Night Erotica site, and more

One of my erotica stories, Dirty tricks, was published on the Every Night Erotica site.

Dirty tricks is a Sapphic-themed, urban fantasy piece about two elves (Narcotta and Wisp) who inflict creative revenge on their lecherous, Cyclopean landlord (Sollyphamus Poseidonson), and, of course, have explicit lesbian sex.

Check this story out, if you're eighteen years old or over!


Not only that, dani harris included me - as well as Simon K. Lloyd - in her Featured poets series on her site, my heart's love songs.

In her article, following Lloyd's work, she showcased my poems Yesterday don't mean / tell-little, Electrify, Behind the wheel, 2011 and my bizarro dream story Scenter of baked mysteries: ginger drunge XIII (published on this site).

Many thanks, dani, for that honor!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review: Stately Speaking: Poems, by Thomas Michael McDade + new story published

I recently reviewed Thomas Michael McDade's loquacious but focused anthology, Stately Speaking: Poems, on the Reading and Writing By Pub Light site. (If you're interested in obtaining this chapbook, contact Thomas through the email address at the start of the review.)

Thomas also recently published another excellent, sensory-intense story, Casing the Spirit, on the The Feathered Flounder ezine.

Want more Thomas-penned excellence? In December 2011, his story, Weber-o-lantern, was published on this site.

Check out - own - his work!