Wednesday, December 17, 2014

**My latest poetry anthology, Mondo febrifuge: omnibus poems, was published yesterday

I just published my second of two books this year - Mondo febrifuge: omnibus poems, which mixes older previous published (and reworked) mainstream verses with quite a few newer works penned within the past two years.

The poems are, per my usual style, rough and tumble free verse works that detail a tumultuous youth dealing with my own fictionalized dumbassery and growing up, a journey infused with the loving, often raw elements of familial discontent, religion, sex, horror films, heavy metal, nature (read: animals) and living in northern California and eastern Washington state.  While these poems are mainstream, many of them would sport hard R-ratings if they were films subjected to the MPAA film board.

Like Welcome to Horrorsex County: microstories, published earlier this autumn, it's a personal milestone book - a way for me to officially bid farewell to one phase of my writing and move onto the next, whatever its final form takes.

 Feel free to click on the above links if you (or anyone you know) would be interested in picking up the aforementioned books. They cost $9 or less (+s/h) apiece, and thanks for the support!
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

**Peter Baltensperger's microstory All For The Pain was published in Black Heart Magazine

Peter Baltensperger, whose Nocturnal Tableaux* graced this site in October 2012, has had another microstory published: All For The Pain, on the Black Heart Magazine site.

Pain details the emotions and sensations of a writer (Silas Connor) in the future and his struggles to deal with the burdens technological improvement has wrought upon him and those around him. Fans of Baltensperger's past works and speculative fiction should check out this gem of a microstory.


*Nocturnal Tableaux also appears in Baltensperger's story/vignette anthology Inside from the Outside.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

**Six of my mainstream poems were published in the second issue of Stormcloud Poets

Six of my poems, a mix of old and new works, were published in the second issue of Storm Cloud Poets magazine.  These poems are:

-Appetite for construction, a versework about a poet writing his way toward his best self;

-Loneliness (suburban 03 mix), about a restless, couch-surfing young man seeking some sense of "home" in a Pacific Northwest city;

-Orphan Andy's, a heartfelt and briefly flirty piece about two exes - now time-tested friends - hanging out in the poem-titular San Francisco diner;

-Pens, I - III*, a poem that brings together three writing-impetus microverses, penned in successive decades, 1990s - present;

-Products*, in which an adolescent combusts at the thought of submitting to his parents' ways (as well as corporatized adulthood);


-Shaking the northern spheres*, a work that recalls a Gothic-themed road trip with a restless friend in the early 1990s.

Thanks, once again, to editor/author E.S. Wynn (a.k.a. Earl S. Wynn) for including my work in this poetry collection - it's an honor to work with such an accomplished and inspiring word-conjurer. 

If you have the time and are so inclined, pick up a copy of Stormcloud Poets #2 now!


*Pens, I - III, as well as Products and Shaking the northern spheres, were also published in the 2011 single-author anthology Behind the wheel: selected poems.

Monday, July 28, 2014

**One of my poems, Eleanor Goolsbie: Domme & sculptress, was published in Pink Litter e-zine

One of my darkly playful and (briefly) sexually explicit poems, Eleanor Goolsbie: Domme & sculptress, was published in Pink Litter e-zine. (Big thanks to Misty Rampart, who published it!)

Please note that Pink Litter is a for-mature-readers site, so if you're under the age of eighteen you may want to skip this one.

However, if you are a legal adult who appreciates Addams Family -esque humor
, sensuality and poetry, check this out (it's on page 13)!

**One of my stories, A feast of fiends, was republished in the Sweet Dreams & Night Terrors anthology

One of my mainstream stories, A feast of fiends, was republished in the anthology Sweet Dreams & Night Terrors: An Anthology of Dark Dreamscapes and Seductive Terrors, edited by Ron Koppelberger.  (Many thanks to Ron and Silent Fray, an imprint of Horrified Press, publisher of this collection.)

Not only that, Sweet Dreams also includes eight works from Earl S. Wynn (a.k.a. E.S. Wynn): Within, Beyond; Just a House; Taste of Serenity; Sky Diamond; Only For Her; Mirror-Glass Dreams; At the Boundary Between Darkness and Light and Dark Reflections.

Here's the link to purchase the book (if you're so inclined!):


Quick publishing history:

A feast of fiends was originally published on the
Erotica Readers & Writers Association site in August 2009.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

**One of my mainstream poems Shred, gouge, fly was republished in Leaves of Ink ezine

One of my older mainstream poems, Shred, gouge, fly, was republished in the Leaves of Ink ezine on May 7th, 2014.  (Many thanks to editor Earl S. Wynn, a.k.a. E.S. Wynn, for this.)

This celebratory poem is about a writer whose appreciation for his current life and lover is enhanced by his acceptance and understanding about his past.  (Shred, gouge, fly was originally published in my 2011 single-author anthology Behind the wheel: selected poems.)

Check this poem out, if you're so inclined and have the time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

**One of my older poems, The return sidetrips, was published in Smashed Cat ezine

One of my older mainstream poems, The return sidetrips, was published in Smashed Cat ezine today.  (Again, gratitude goes to editor Earl S. Wynn, a.k.a. E.S. Wynn, for this.)

This poem, which details the lysergic William S. Burroughs-esque (and hopefully brief) madness of an apartment-bound writer, has not been published anywhere else, so check it out if you're so inclined!