Monday, March 16, 2015

**Peter Baltensperger's microstory Or Then the Thunder was published in Pink Litter ezine

Peter Baltensperger, whose Nocturnal Tableaux* graced this site in October 2012, has had another microstory published: Or Then the Thunder, on the recently relocated Pink Litter site.

Thunder is a romantic, sexually explicit and mood-effective piece about a woman whose storm-born desires** electrify and heighten her memories and hopes.

If you are a legal adult and are so inclined, check this story out!


*Nocturnal Tableaux also appears in Baltensperger's story/vignette anthology Inside from the Outside.

**a.k.a. brontophiliacs: People who "get off" when storms are raging.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

**Three of my poems were republished in the anthology Poems To F*ck To

Three of my older romantic poems -- Invited; action, as well as It comes down to this, every time and Salvation (previously published as Oh, Emma) -- were republished in the anthology Poems To F*ck To (editors: Jason Brain and Chelsea Cohen).

Poems also contains Rick Lupert's travel- and verseworks-clever piece England, one of my favorite poems in this anthology.

This sexy, playful and loving collection, put out by Poetry In Motion Publishing House, can be purchased at Createspace and Amazon.