Monday, May 23, 2011

**One of my stories, Dis/satisfaction, was republished on the Leodegraunce site

One of my mainstream, super-short stories, Dis/satisfaction, got republished on the Leodegraunce site. (Be warned there's a female nude/non-sexual picture next to it, not my doing.)

Dis/satisfaction won't be archived - that is, it'll run on the site until Sunday (5/29/11).


  1. Dear Steve: Your nom de plume is Steve or Theresa C. Newbill? Either way, your talent describing a exotic scene in so few words is phenomenal! Particularly enjoyed "just a hovering energy of pride and pure love". Great way to feel the mood of the place. Captured the moment to a "tea"!

  2. My story isn't up anymore - Leodegraunce only runs the stories for one week (and doesn't archive)... i.e., the link's expired.

    That said, the story originally appeared on the Reading & Writing By Pub Light site, in March 2011. I just reposted it: Dis/satisfaction.