Monday, March 4, 2013

**Two of my short sex-pulp works were published last week

The Amoses: Molly and Chris was published on the Erotica Readers & Writers Association [ERWA] site, by-lined under the name Nikki Isaak. It will appear on the site through March 2013.

The Amoses incorporates a previously published microstory, Lithe undead (ERWA/October 2002), and, in loose link fashion, tells the offbeat tale of a death-resurrected woman, her scientist husband, a blackmailing IRS agent, and a famous horror movie house.
Corporate Roach Facility, 1999 – c**krocked was published in issue #5 of the online magazine, Pink Litter.

Corporate is a Sapphic fluff piece with darkish overtones, involving a scientist, a security guard, hentai, BDSM and an insectile soundtrack.
Check these stories out, if you're a legal adult and so inclined!

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