Wednesday, March 14, 2012


By Anna

Simkins had been half-crazy for over a decade, aided and abetted by hallucinogens dished out with relish by his staff sergeant each morning with his breakfast ration.

Truth was the outpost had been beleaguered by problems since the very first ship had landed on its supposedly green and pleasant land in ’99. “Might be green – but certainly aint pleasant” Simkins had uttered sagely after the first insurgent uprising by ‘the natives.’

“We come in peace” Carlton had lied as he shook the the flabby moist little hand of the first Kerillion ever to see a human, all the time thinking of the rich mineral deposits in them there hills. Carlton was also thinking of sex – he hadn’t had the pleasure of a woman for nigh on two years – and the female Kerillion ugly as she was held possibilities.

Thing was, relationships with the natives had broken down pretty damn quickly – well men are men and have needs don’t they? Little did Carlton and his men know that the Kerillions were pretty mean combatants when protecting their womenfolk.

Over time the Kerillions had winnowed out the firstcomers, leaving only the true pioneers, the intellectuals, those who had never fired a gun and who quite frankly were wimps. Carlton had met his maker first.

So the wimps were left in a constant state of siege and leaderless needed one. Simkins staff sergeant was a natural, a closet demagogue who previously had only been held back in the ranks by his lowly birth. He inspired and controlled his men by festering hatred and feeding hallucinogens.

More than twenty years had seen their numbers continue to dwindle – five hundred men down to three – the Kerillions picking them of one by one entering the barracks by night and playing their mind games.

Simkins was crazier than ever as the hallucinogens were run out and the staff sergeant dead – his blood sucked clean out of him - and Simkins peed himself as the Kerillions surrounded his bunk…

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This story originally appeared on the puzzelicious plus site on February 16, 2012.


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I'm a mother, friend, nurse, wife and lover! I think I have always been 'creative' drawing, painting, writing stories and poetry from an early age. I am moronically happy as I don't see the point in being miserable and find life - 99% of the time - wonderful.

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