Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In days of olde ... when knight were absent

By Sandra Davies

Victoria turned from the turret window, from which the pluming dust of the Crusade-bound cavalcade, led by her liege lord in response to the king’s summons, could now barely be seen. Disbelievingly she regarded what lay on the pewter dish, the canescent globes unappetising in the extreme. One raised eyebrow was sufficient to permit the waiting varlet to speak.

‘My master asseverated that your chastity could only be assured if you ate these especially-selected mushrooms daily – on pain of death I am to make sure.’

Victoria smiled – her lord could hope, but she knew that neither her chastity nor the varlet’s death would be an issue – unless issue became one instead.

Copyright ©2012 Sandra Davies All rights reserved. Do not reproduce in any form, including electronic, without the author’s express permission.


This story was originally published on Sandra's site, lines of communication, on February 10, 2012.


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Sandra Davies is an artist printmaker and recently-emerged writer of fiction, who regards flat estuarine and sea-edged horizons as essential for well-being. Regularly published on MuDSpots, Thinking Ten and Six Sentences, less so Camel Saloon, Pygmy Giant, Pigeon Bike, and currently working on her fifth novel – a romantic detective tale. More writing at lines of communication and prints at Print Universe.


  1. OH you mischievous girl. I hope the varlet has good hygiene so that issue isn't the only issue.
    Well done.

  2. Very clever use of words. Also I never came across the word varlet before and had to look it up. Thanks! Toby

  3. You taught me THREE words today: canescent, varlet and asseverated. I feel so ... illiterate. This also reminds me of how much I like the word "liege."

  4. The clever use of words delivers this little story with a twinkle in one eye and a strabismus in the other. It's funny.

    1. Thanks Michael - you sent me scurrying for my dictionary, once again.

  5. Mushrooms. Uh-huh. Good one.