Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Listing from ‘Natural Drama Digest Weekly,’ issue #32907

As the Coral Sea Rises – Network: ZNB – weekdays, 3:00 pm: Charley the starfish regenerates his fifth arms after shedding it to escape hungry mugger shrimp; Selinda the seahorse, heartbroken that Thornton, her ex-mate, wasn’t carrying her eggs, but Darlene’s, takes comfort in her morning mating swims with Jack, arousing the deviant desires of Jack’s brother, Jeremy; Coraline, the stressed-out larva-polyp that spawned the hard shell reef, faces two threats: a neoplasmic – cancerous – tumor on one of her branches, and a neighboring reef-building polyp named Olly, whose invasive devouring intentions are all-too-clear; Hanna the shark, after accidentally killing her mate, Marty, during a feeding frenzy, worries that she may like the taste of shark flesh too much.

Copyright ©2007, 2010, 2011 Steve Isaak. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce in any form, including electronic, without the author’s express permission.

This story was originally published on the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website in May 2007. It was republished last year in my anthology, Charge of the Scarlet B-sides: microsex stories & poems.


  1. great and intriguing sea issues. superb, steve!

  2. This is hilarious and seriously clever!

  3. Glad you liked. Thanks for the feedback. :)